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Organizing team Slavic Wave Half Iron Triathlon

Organizing team Slavic Wave Half Iron Triathlon is unchanged from the first SW in 2007.

We're all from different places of Ukraine. But we are all united by one idea - to make the project "Slov'yanska Hvilya" traditional triathlon and quality holiday for triathlets all ages.

  • Panov
  • Tatkova_I
  • Shcherbanivskyi
  • shcherbanovskaja
  • andriy.yastrebov
  • Tatkova_V
  • Parkhom
  • kosenko
  • rozumniy
  • yastrebova
  • yastrebov.m



Історія агентства спортивного менеджменту YEvents Pro веде свій початок з осені 2003 року, коли групою ентузіастів зі спортклубу «Стаєр-Атлон» був організований перший легкоатлетичний пробіг «Біг для всіх».
Цей захід своєю відкритістю, душевністю і святковістю відразу ж припав до душі простим любителям здорового та активного способу життя. З тих пір теплота та душевність є візитною карткою всіх спортивних заходів, що проводяться менеджерами агентства YEvents Pro.
За довгі роки менежерами агентства було проведено понад сотні спортивно-масових заходів різного масштабу. Ряд стартів які започатковані менеджерами YEvents Pro є унікальними за своєю формою і задають тренд у розвитку масового спорту для любителів.
"Manuscript 2012" - advertising and souvenir products and materials for packaging
An originally wrapped gift is always nicer and give, and receive. It's beautiful, plus intrigue, because it's so interesting, what's inside. Stylish packaging is not just a colorful wrapper with a flower, it is an important part of the advertising campaign and an indispensable attribute of brand promotion. In skillful hands, the usual packaging can turn into a real work of art worthy of no less admiration than its contents.

Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky City Council - a representative body of local self-government, which has the right to represent the interests of the territorial community of the city of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and take on its behalf the decision and exercise in its interests the functions and powers of local self-government, defined by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine "On Local Self-Government in Ukraine "," On the Status of Local Council Deputies ", the European Charter of Local Self-Government, the Charter of the territorial community, other normative-legal acts and this Regulation.


Pereiaslav land - an integral part of the Kyiv region - has long been the administrative center of a certain district, the size and boundaries of which have not only changed. During the epoch of Kievan Rus it was the Pereiaslav principality, covering the entire left bank part of the Middle Dnieper and the land to the northeast, in the XVII-XVIII centuries. - Pereyaslavsky regiment. With the elimination of the autonomy of Ukraine at the end of the XVIII century. Pereyaslav became the district center of the Poltava province. Since 1921 Pereyaslavsky district is a part of the Kyiv province, and after the formation of the Kyiv region on 27.02.1932, the Pereyaslav district became a part of it. In 1943 Pereyaslavsky district was renamed Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky.


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