MEDOVA KHATA - official apiary of Slavic Wave Triathlon

MEDOVA KHATA - official apiary of Slavic Wave Triathlon 

 MEDOVA KHATA - a healthy food store in which you will find natural honey and bee products from a private apiary which is located in the picturesque corner of Mykolayiv region.


Do you like honey This product can not be disliked. And the benefits of beekeeping products are still underestimated by triathletes. At the same time, as it is in Ukraine, this product is available and cheap as nowhere.
During a race on a long distance or on training in the search for fast energy, we are forced to grab their stomachs and the immune system with nutrient gel chemically obscure from what.
But, thank God, in nature there is a product that will greatly help you to restore a healthy balance in the body after a race or workout.
Ukranian Power Gel - this is what you can call honey!
Health food store Medova Hata, starting in 2019, begins to act as the official apiary of the Slavic Wave Triathlon.
Honey is different, depending on the place and time of collection. But the only one in one: this product is 100% natural natural energy that will give you strength before the race and return the lost after the finish.
Each participant in the Slavic Wave Triathlon will find in his starting package a jar of very interesting bee products - cream honey.
This is a natural honey, put down by special technology, to a gentle soufflé. It has all the useful properties inherent in ordinary honey, but consistent with its consistency, it is more gentle and more comfortable in use.
What is a cream-honey? The answer to this question you will not find in the old books of cooking or beekeeping. Despite the fact that this technology of cooking was developed at the beginning of the last century, in Ukraine it is only gaining in popularity.


Cream honey is a food product obtained in the process of cremation (whipping) of natural honey. The purpose of this process is to prevent the formation of large sugar crystals in honey (sugaring)
How is honey cream different from ordinary honey? In principle, nothing but structure and color. It preserves the qualities and all the properties of natural honey that has not undergone such processing.
Ordinary honey crystallizes during storage and turns into a dense mass. Everyone knows how, at times, it is difficult to get it out of the jar or spread it on bread. There are no less problems with liquid honey - it flows, drips from a sandwich, and spreading it is no less difficult than solid.
Cream honey due to its structure is extremely easy to use. It does not need to be heated or otherwise influenced by it. Once cooked, the product can be consumed for a long time. It retains all the beneficial properties of fresh pumped honey.


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