Course map

 Slavic Wave Triathlon Course


Transit zone 1 (T1) will be located on a dam near the City beach (Heroiv Dnieper Street, 131).

The start and finish of the swimming stage will be carried out from the dam on the bank of the Kanevsky reservoir.

Swimming distance 1,9 m. 3 laps  of 630 meters. Exit from the water between the laps is not provided.



Bike course  triathlon runs through the streets of the city and the country road through the surrounding villages. Road coverage - Slavic asphalt. The terrain is sloping. The route before the turns and dangerous areas will be marked with signs and arrows on the asphalt and signs on the poles.

From the reservoir to the central area (T2) - 6km.

Further through the Central Square, exit to the shuttle lapis 28 km.

In total - 3 laps.

Total 6 + 28 + 28 + 28 = 90 km

On the eve of the launch, a briefing will be held to clarify the features of the cycling station of the triathlon CX.



The running route runs in the center of the city, with running out on each lap through the meadow to the stadium of the pedagogical university.


Power points

During the triathlon, 4 power points will work: 3 on the bike race and 3 on the running stage. There will be water, energy drink, bananas, raisins, oatmeal cookies at food points.

On the bikestage, water will be fed in 0.5 liter bottles. At the running stage, in glasses.

At the running station in the university stadium there will also be sponges with water.



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